Crusher Motors 


Our new generation crusher motors designed for heavy duty work enviroments with increased  trenght and reduced vibration. The motors show excellent performance with removable feet option that lower the maintenance down time.


Suitable applications: Crusher Machines


Frame Size:                         315 / 355 - M/L/LH (Fixed Feet)

315 / 355 - MT/LHT (Removable Feet)

Power Range [kW]:         132 - 355

Pole Number:                    4


TEFC – Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Cast Iron Frame

Efficiency Class: IE2* - IE3

Duty Type: S1

Insulation class: H (180°C)

Temperature Rise Class: B (80K)

Protection Class: IP 65

Cooling Type: IC 411

Color: RAL 3007

Removable or Fixed Feet Design

Special Shaft (Increased Strength)

Special Seal (For Extremely Dusty Enviroment )

NU Bearing

*Inverter Duty