Human Resources / HR Practices

We Act Within the Frame of "Respect to Human"

Recruitment Process

The main purpose of Gamak’s recruitment process is to gain persons who are compatible with our Human Resources Policy, innovative, open to team-work and continuous self-improvement and who possesses behavioural and professional knowledge and skills required for the open positions in our organisational structure. 

The job applications are evaluated according to qualifications required for the specified positions. Evaluation process differs by the positions.  As a result of the evaluations and reference searches carried out by the Human Resources Department and the relevant unit, applicants whose entire processes came out well are offered job. Announcements of our candidate quests are published in the following website:

Training and Improvement

With the training activities, Gamak aims making positive changes in our employee’s notion that broadens their professional knowledge horizon, rational decision-making, behaviours and attitudes and habits and perceptions, to make them able to do their jobs they took on or will take on in future more efficiently.   

The training process starts with the "Orientation Program" being performed to ease adaptation of the beginners to the job and the company, and them to share corporate culture and morals as soon as possible. Purpose is to get the beginner trust in Gamak and adopt work motivation.  Learning process continues with the constructive activities leading to outstanding performance and success.    

All training programs are planned by considering job specifications and employee's qualification/competency, and in a manner which contributes his/her professional development and supports his/her career plan.  

Career Management

A Career Planning is designed to ensure career development of the qualified personnel within the organisational structure of Gamak Machine. Aim of such plan is to create an opportunity for the career development of the employees and to make succession possible for the critical positions, in accordance with development and rotation. Information on career opportunities within the organisation is clearly offered and training programs which will support the employees in their career planning are arranged.    

Internship Opportunities

Any student who wishes to do internship in our company may personally come and fill in the Application Form, or may apply through our website. At the end of the relevant term, those application forms are classified according to internship/department preferences.  Human Resources Directorship makes a choice among the applications, according to the contingents that they determined by taking into account the number of students demanded according to the internship initial periods, the occupational groups and the required qualifications of the students (knowledge, skill, foreign language, computer knowledge). For your internship applications, you can send your CVs to our web address.