About Us / Our Mission, Vision & Values



To contributes the industry of Turkey by meeting all needs by completely local electric motor production, to be an international brand to respond to the expectations of all sectors by constantly improving its service and product quality.



To develop continuously with innovative approaches, always up the standards for the industry and to be one of the world's leading electric motor manufacturer with Turkey's first and only integrated electric motor manufacturing plant in the sector which is the leader.




We are spreading the goal of "Qualified Production" which is at the beginning of our establishment purposes in every field. Qualified products, communication and human approach are the basis of our company in all our processes that we set up today.


We are constantly improving with the emphasis on R&D studies in order to be able to give a direction to the sector and to gain new perspectives in our business with the awareness of being a well-established brand.

Team Work

Our team of competent people in the field was working in harmony with each other since the day our facility was established. It has been our company's greatest strength. We have become a strong family and respected brand in our sector by means of this team work.

Environmental and Social Sensitivity

As GAMAK, we aim to minimize the harm to the environment with the high energy efficiency class electric motors we have developed and protect the environment which is our most important heritage that we will leave for our future generations.


Mustafa Altındağ

Vice Chairman of The Management Board