About Us / General Introduction

Capacity to Produce 1,000,000 Motors in a Year


In the early ‘60s, we produced Turkey’s first local electric motor, a 1.5 kW motor ina 90 size casing, in our 38,000 sqm factory in Topkapı. When we started mass production in 1965, our production capacity was limited to 1000 units per year. Around mid-‘80s, we started producing every component required in the manufacture of electric motors in our new factory in Dudullu with a 50,000 m2 enclosed space over a 330,000 sqm campus. In time, manual work required in the manufacture of electric motors started to get replaced by automation. Although certain processes are still carried out by our well-trained workforce, most of the production is being done with modern technology machines. Today, in our factory, in addition to sections like press shop, machining shop, winding, assembly, die shop, repair shop, we also have our own aluminium injection shop where we produce the lighter casings, a custom production shop where we cater to special requests & designs, one of Europe’s best test laboratories and a wire enamaling facility where as one of the two factories in the world, we enamel our own wire. By developing our workforce to nearly 900, improving our production capacity and our quality standards, we have increased our initial capacity 1000 times.

Production Capacity

At our plant that is one of the few factories in the world to incorporate every aspect of production in a single facility, we have the capacity to produce 1.000.000 motors in the 0.06 – 1,000 kW range in sizes 56 – 450. With our competent workforce and our latest technology machines we continue to take our production and quality to the next level. As one of the few companies in the world that can enamel its own wire, we produce our own enameled wire for use in our production. With our test laboratory that ranks among the best in Europe, we ensure our products meet the highest efficiency standards. With our R&D efforts we design and produce high-effiency motors (IE2 – IE3) and develop the infrastructure for new generation high efficiency motors (IE4). With this potential, we maintain our manufacturing fast, dynamic and flexible. With our capability to produce custom motors that other manufacturers are unable or unwilling to produce, we maintain a prominent place in important projects (especially public works projects) in Turkey and in the world. In production, we compete daily with our only real competitor, ourselves.